Welcome to the start…..

I have decided to write a blog instead of procrastinating and planning to do so. I will be writing about crafting, my bariatric journey and observations on life in general.

The burning issue today is that I went to an information evening on Tuesday evening at a local private hospital. Tut tut! I hear you say. Private tsk tsk. But wait the information was about things that the NHS do not commission and you cannot have unless you jump through two years of hoops and goal posts being moved but that’s another story.

Anyway the talk was on Bariatric surgery and I had decided that I would opt for the four month ballon that you swallow, they fill it with fluid once it’s in your stomach so you feel full. It implodes at end of the 4 months and you pass it through with other waste products. I was trying to be delicate but basically you shit it out.

Once I had heard all the options I decided that a sleeve or gastric bypass was the answer for me Previously I had discounted these because I did not want part of my stomach in the bin or have my insides replumbed but after the excellent explanation by the surgeon of the benefits of all options as well as the risks. (I know he has a vested interest in this!) I decided to explore this further

So to cut a long story short and two days of reading and watching everything I could find on the internet, asking myself if I really wanted to spend a great deal of money on something that was irreversible and would change my life drastically in many ways.

The answer is yes – I am going to have a Gastric Sleeve on August 14th! Eeeeeeeek! I am excited and a bit scared as it’s a bit unknown- actually it’s a LOT unknown!!

I am finding it a bit odd at the moment – let me explain. I went shopping this morning and was looking at some clothes in my current size; I realised that I wouldn’t be this size in a few weeks…… I don’t know what size I will be or what I will look like! I don’t mean I shall suddenly have olive skin and black hair but I suppose how it feels to be but thinner. I think 2010 was my last time I was just overweight and not obese or morbidly death defyingly obese as I am classified at present.

So watch this space…(I will be taking less of it soon…) If you are considering Bariatric surgery I would suggest you read the SOS research and if you have type 2 diabetes or are predisposed to it – the STAMPEDE paper.